fashion goes streetart

In most countries riddler represents a marking or painting property without the property owner´s consent considered defacement and vandalism, which is an punishable crime.


Sometimes our artists believe that doing complex pieces involves too great an investment of time to justify the practice. Doing a piece can take 30 minutes to months on end, as was the case for Tim Zba while working on the germanys largest graffiti piece at Dortmund. Another graffiti artist can go over a piece in a matter of minutes with a simple throw up.


Ruins pieces with his quick throw ups. This became known as "capping" and is often done when there is "beef",

conflict between writers.


The modern day the Riddler artist can be seen with an arsenal of various materials. Different technics allow

for a successful production of a piece. Techniques like scribing, stencil graffiti and of course spray paint in

aerosol cans is the number one necessity for our artists.


You can see the combination between art, fashion and lifestyle in our beautiful handcrafted

and limited products take the art of Riddler Design and S-Rocka to new higher level.

The production of every new kind of style is an unique process and the result of pure passion

for design and for lifestyle.


Over time this approach has brought the company into production agreements with the

history-making labels of luxury niche.

Riddler is the new company. A new design company for „use“ and „doin“ in art.


A brand for streetart, sneakers, shirts´n more styles.